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June 2017 Newsletter



        June 7th, 2017    

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The Healing Power of Sunlight 

Dear friends and clients,


Along with a healthy lifestyle and the right diet, sunlight offers tremendous protection against all types of diseases. In fact, sun exposure is one of the most impressive healing methods available.   Read more.  



Dietary Guidelines for the summer 
During the summer months you want to have more leafy greens, less root vegetables, more cooling flavors with less hot spices, and more sweet fruits between meals with lots of beverages throughout the day.  
 Read more.



Also review and sign up for some of my Ayurveda Classes, FREE Webinars and other events starting this month and continuing all summer.   


Email me back if you have any questions or want to discuss your health.   Working for your health, Khabir 


How to Stay Balanced in the Summer

Summer is a time to slow down, eat less, drink more and make an effort to stay cool. Use cooling foods, get up early and avoid working outside during the day. Additionally, it is best to wear thin cotton clothing and avoid any synthetic material.  On hot days, take a cool shower, go swimming or jump in a cold Jacuzzi!  Read more. 


Classes on Ayurveda in Ojai, CA 

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Using Spices to Improve your Health and Digestion

A hands-on demonstration about healing with common household spices and seasonings and how they empower you to heal yourself. 
You will learn about specific spices that if taken in the right amounts can support the reversal of specific health conditions including gas, bloating, constipation, acid reflux, unstable blood sugar, joint pain, inflammation, weight gain, insomnia, fatigue and more. 


Thursday, June 15th at 6:30 pm PST 

Attendance in Ojai also available

RSVP here

Home Remedies for Quick Weight-loss!

Learn about useful home-remedies to lose weight based on your Ayurvedic body-type!

You will learn:

  • The best spices
  • Hot baths 
  • Super-food drinks
  • Using apple cider vinegar & honey 
  • Understand the power of intermediate fasting and more!

Thursday, June 29th at 6:00 pm PST 

7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST 

RSVP here







Ayurvedic Practitioner Training Workshops in Rishikesh, India: 

  • Fundamentals Principles and the Physiology of Ayurveda: Nov. 3rd - 11th
  • Diagnosis Methods and Skills of Ayurveda:
    Nov. 11th - 19th

Each workshop includes:

  • 9 days, 8 nights and 7 days of teaching,
  • 35 hours interactive teaching
  • 15 hours of lectures.
  • Handouts and material
  • Certification for 60 hours.
  • 3 meals a day and drinks
  • Yoga instruction
  • Herbal shopping tour
  • Guest speakers and more. 


See costs and details here
Presented by: Vaidya Khabir

Assisted by: Dr. Vikram Chauhan & Dr. Amrit Raj
Sponsored by: Planet Ayurveda, Chandigarh, India.
Certification issued by Maa Yoga Ashram and signed by Dr. Chauhan and Khabir.

Location: The beautiful and peaceful Maa Yoga Ashram close to the Ganges River, Rishikesh, India. 


New Testimonials​


"The lung formula is magic! Didn't have to take my inhaler. Good work!"
Robert Linson, el Dorado, CA


"The herbs and diet have been so good. They've helped me tremendously!!  I feel lighter and the foods help me stay full longer.  Now I know what my body can and shouldn't have. Thank you!"  Rachel Halden, Oxnard CA.


" I lost 20lbs, sleep is better, and my memory is very good. I humbly say to follow what Khabir prescribes 100% and you may get 100% relief, as well."
 Steve Foster, Ventura Ca.


​"Khabir is a one-stop shop, where you can get answers for questions, nutritional counseling, herbal remedies, recommendations for body therapies and detoxification. I feel very blessed to be under his care."
Kika Stayerman, New York, NY


Read all testimonials



Khabir Southwick - Naturopath, MH, NT, CAS, is an internationally known Ayurvedic and Naturopathic health practitioner, nutritionist, medical herbalist and public speaker. For over 20 years, Khabir has helped thousands of people to naturally overcome a wide range of health conditions with dietary changes, herbal medicine and home remedies.  Khabir formulates and provides his own herbal teas, Ayurvedic formulas and natural treatments to address most health conditions. When in Ojai, Khabir maintains his health-care consulting practice and herb clinic with local, national and international clients.

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Member of :
The American Herbalist Guild,
Ayurveda Institute
The National Ayurvedic Medical Association





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