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10 healthy shopping tips

1.  Select an abundance of vegetables and seasonal fruits as the majority of your meals should consist of these nutritious food groups.


2. Try new varieties of vegetables and fruits. Look at those with intense colors and try to choose a variety of colors.

3. When possible, try to eat fruits and vegetables that are in season and suitable for your current weather condition.

4. Buy sprouted and spelt breads.  Not only do they taste great but they are also the most nutritious.  It's ideal if the ingredients are only sprouted wheat, water, honey, salt and a few other natural ingredients, without any bleached flour or preservatives.

5. Always get some digestive aids like yogurt, pickled fruits or vegetables, miso and other fermented items with healthy bacteria.

6.  Beans have a high nutritional value, particularly when combined with rice.

7. As a general rule, try to avoid buying anything packaged, processed, or canned.  Read labels very carefully and avoid hydrogenated oils, preservatives, dyes, artificial coloring, sugar, fructose, bleached flour and other harmful ingredients.

8. Fruits are best for snacks instead of low or no-fat products.  Try to avoid ice cream unless it is made dairy-free with coconut milk.  Also try to skip the chips and other high calorie snacks.

9. Generally avoid the dairy section. If you body is not lactose intolerant, get some goat cheese or natural yogurt (homemade offers the most benefits).

10. Remember eating well starts with shopping well, so exercise self-discipline and just try to avoid the items that you know you know are not healthy.  It's easier to stay on track when there are less temptations around.

Good shopping, good eating and good health!

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