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Why work together on your health?

It's easier as a team!
It's more effective with an expert.
Progress is continual without setbacks.

 An elevated level of personal care

I provide comprehensive natural health-care services and consulting with the highest level of personal attention and confidentiality.   I work with you at your pace and comfort level -  taking you along step-at-time.  I provide individualized programs with customized herbal products along with all the necessary guidelines to address your specific health concerns.  I work hard to make it easy for you to improve your health, steadily and safely.

"He is the only practitioner who lays out a plan for you then follows up to see how things are working. You're not left alone to guess what to do if you have a problem." Paula Oliver,  Friendsville, Tennessee. 

Services are completely personalized

I customized every service for you based on your specific health condition, body-mind type and health goals.  I don't advocate a vegan diet, a raw diet or any "diet"; nor do I provide the traditional ”one size fits all" nutritional approach or any “miracle” health restoring or weight loss product.   Every person is unique and health is best restored with an integrated steady approach of individualized dietary, nutritional and lifestyle changes with targeted herbal treatments as needed.  Written recommendations and reference material such as meal plans and menus are provided after appointments.

"The personal support is what has been missing with the other health care practitioners I have worked with in the past. Thank you!" River, Ojai, CA.

Specializing in chronic health conditions, weight loss and digestion

In our age of information overload, knowing what to do and what really works for you can be confusing.  I take the guesswork out of the process.  I have developed effective health recovery programs and protocols to address of a wide range of chronic health conditions including: heart conditions, unstable blood sugar, joint pain and inflammation, digestive conditions and weight management.  Beyond dietary and nutritional counseling, I will educate you on the most suitable whole-food (not synthetic) nutritional supplements, herbal formulas and natural treatments.*

"I think Khabir could probably address just about any health issue an individual may have, and do so with compassion and patience."   Mary Nelson, Ojai CA

The root cause

I address the body holistically instead of only reducing individual symptoms.   When you experience unusual symptoms, often your body is signaling that there is an imbalance, a deficiency of nutrients such as minerals that are essential for cellular function, hormonal imbalance or an excess of toxins or congestion in one or more eliminating systems.   If these signals are  ignored, covered-up or removed the underlying causes not only remains but will generally move deeper in the tissue and various organs.  I will help you in supporting your body's needs to allow the infinite capacity of the human body to heal and restore itself.

 "I highly recommend Khabir for any given health condition. He gives time to listen and makes me understand the cause of the condition."  Malti, Santa Barbara, CA.

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More testimonials

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Success stories

Maria Blair, Santa Barbara

"I have been Khabir's patient for only one month so far but the results are fantastic: my digestion improved, I sleep better, my skin looks great and I have much more energy during the day. His deep knowledge of Ayurveda and his skills as a Master Herbalist are life changing. He is the first health practitioner I know who really gets to know his patients and provides a highly individual treatments. . . . I highly recommend him to everybody."

Sonia Nordenson, Ojai

"Khabir Southwick is an expert on Ayurveda and nutrition.   I recommend Khabir to anyone who wants to improve any aspect of their health."

River, Ojai

"I have been working with Khabir since April and I have had some amazing improvements to my health. I have less pain in my body, my knees are feeling better and I've lost 30 lbs. I have found that his knowledge and support have been just what I needed."

Karen Stephens Oak View

"You are a magician. My spasms are mostly gone. The inflammation has been greatly reduced. Very little pain or stiffness. in fact, I a feeling back on course energetically."

Ashley Pintek, Los Angeles

"I have to say I feel and look so much better now, it's really quite amazing! I'm sure countless other people, are truly grateful for the work you do."

Khabir Southwick is available for [face-to-face] consultations in Ojai California or remotely by phone or Skype worldwide. Click here to request for more information.

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Disclaimer: Khabir Southwick is not a medical doctor. The opinions expressed in Khabir's articles, videos and this website reflect his experience and understanding of the subject mater.  Services and programs promote health, healing and well-being and  are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any pathological disease.  Khabir Southwick is not intending to provide medical advice or offer a substitute thereof, and makes no warrant, expressed or implied with respect to any product, service or therapy, whatsoever.   Furthermore, he does not sell any nutritional supplements, vitamins or resell other products.   (He provides loose [herbal] teas and [Indian] spices and herbal formulations (not in capsules).  Pictures of other products on this website are not for sale directly and information will be provided to where other products can be purchased.) See Complete Disclaimer. *No statement on this website has been reviewed or approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Federal Trade Commission. Privacy policy.


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