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Online Naturopahtic and Ayurvedic Phone/Skype Consultation

We understand that due to distances and the busy lives that people these days lead, it may be difficult for you to physically come into my clinic and see mw. Thanks to modern technology we are able to offer you the option of online consultations via skype or phone in lieu of coming into my clinic for your health concerns. This way you can have a health consultation in the convenience of your own home or office.


Skype is a modern way of communicating over the internet. You can make *free calls (depending on your internet plan) to other people who are also on skype for as long as you like, to wherever you like. Just visit for more information and to download this service for free. If you have a web-cam attached to your computer you can make a video call where the person you are calling is able to view you on their computer screen and vice versa.

Is there any difference between a clinic consultation and a skype consultation?

A skype consultation is no different to a one-on-one consultation in our clinic. You can still expect to receive the same exceptional level of care and treatment advice including nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice and general handouts that you would receive if you were to physically come into my clinic. The various health forms and questionnaires that are usually required prior to a clinic consultation are still required to be completed prior to a skype consultation.

What types of Skype consultations are available to me?

Skype consultations are available for the following treatment services;

  • Naturopathic and Ayurvedic home treatments
  • Detoxification and home panashakarma
  • Herbal Medicine recommended or provided
  • Nutritional guidelines and meal planning
  • Support and motivation

What costs and time is involved in a Skype consultation?

Please refer to me Fees and Forms page for the costs associated with skype consultations.

Please Note:

  • The cost of recommended nutritional and herbal supplements is in addition to your consultation fee
  • Full payment of your consultation fee is required prior to your appointment
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Recent Testimonials

  • Mark Jeron Malibu CA

    "I had the nice opportunity to have a followup appointment with Dr. KHABIR at his small farm in Ojai on 9th of January. I found Dr Khabir to be a very knowledgeable and pleasant holistic doctor. I will be referring my family and friends to see him for their health needs." Sincerely,  Mark Jeron, Malibu CA. Jan. 2018

  • Tina Mae, Ojai CA

    "Dear Khabir, I always appreciate your dedication to truly helping others, plus you take it a step further and educate others to help themselves.  You help wake up self awareness in others.  You posses a selflessness and a generosity of spirit. To me you have been a good teacher, kind neighbor and dedicated friend. You, in your own way, are a nurturer too. I  praise you and your beautiful partner son, Malik. namaste." shalom, Tina Mae - Ojai CA. 2017

  • Jeanette Mendoza, Dubai UAE (talk)

    "I enjoyed and understood more about my body from this talk last year! Highly recommended!" Jeanette Mendoza, Dubai, UAE

  • Aaron Michael Baumfalk, Ojai CA

    "Heyah, I thought Khabir was most excellent and very thorough w my session, he was super helpful and could tell that he has a lot of experience by the wealth of knowledge that he shared w me. I'm very confident and trust the information he gave me will empower me w the herbs and spices to make digestion for me more efficient, I'm so grateful for Khabir."  Aaron Michael Baumfalk, Ojai, CA. 

  • Paula Oliver, Friendsville TN (Service)

    "I cannot think of anything at this time to improve upon. Your website is easy to navigate. Your time is well spent at appointments. Maybe the herbs could be sent in zip bags after the second time, easier to ship, less weight also. I have kept the jars to reuse."  Paula Oliver, Friendsville Tennessee, USA 

Khabir Southwick is available for [face-to-face] consultations in Ojai California or remotely by phone or Skype worldwide. Click here to request for more information.

Call 805-308-3480 for more information or to leave a message. For general inquires: email

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