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Personally, I can not think of a better way to offer insight into the value of my Naturopathic and Ayurvedic services than through the words of those that have benefited from them. Please feel free to look through these testimonials to gain insight into the possibilities available. Contact me for additional references. Khabir

Elaine Aldrete, Ventura, CA (talk)

"What a great event! So much information was shared tonight, thank you so much Khabir Southwick!" Elaine Aldrete, Ventura, CA, November 2013 (via Facebook, regarding a health lecture at Whole Foods Market, Oxnard)

Maia R., Ventura, CA (energy, herbs, digestion)

"I have had great improvement from all the things we have talked about/worked on so far. . . my energy has been better and I can definitely feel the benefits of the powdered drink [you provided]. Gas and bloating are only an issue when I "cheat" or go outside the guidelines. . . . " Maia R., Ventura, CA, November 2013

Jessica L., Ridgefield, NJ (skin)

"My skin is looking and feeling so great! I have suffered from Eczema since being a toddler. Understanding the anatomy of my body is key. Thanks to Khabir Southwick, I know have control over my health. Still healing, but each milestone in progress is rewarding so far." Jessica L., Ridgefield, NJ, November 2013 (Via FaceBook)

Jen Herron, Ojai, CA

"I've learned so much from you, and I look forward to seeing you again, soon. With respect and admiration." Jen Herron, Ojai, CA, October 2013

Anna Lara, Lisbon, Portugal (digestion, weight, diet)

"Hi Khabir,  I am doing much better.  I have noticed the foods you recommended feel very good for my gut.  I also overcame my dependence on coffee and feel much calmer and have a lot less mood swings. I have better bowel movements now and I think it is because of the diet and the Aloe Vera. Generally, my stomach feels much calmer and belly is now flat."  Anna Lara, Lisbon, Portugal, October 2013

Pat Desrosier, Trenton, IL (blood sugar, diet)

"He [Khabir] has helped me immensely to get my blood sugar levels down as well as working on resolving other things by using a common sense approach to diet backed by his deep experience. I trusted him right away and it is paying off." Pat Desrosier, Trenton, IL, October 2013 (Via Facebook)

Noerena Abookire, Santa Monica, CA (mood, cravings)

"I'm doing much better. My mood swings are decreasing, and the cravings have dropped GREATLY. Life is better having spent time with you, and doing the suggested actions. Thanks for being such a MAJOR part of the solution. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. It is helping." Noerena Abookire, Ph.D., Santa Monica, CA, October 2013

Robert Gluckson, Los Angeles, CA (support, herbs)

"Khabir is one of those extraordinary healers who can very quickly spot the source of a health problem and recommend fast (sometimes) and appropriate nutritional and healing support.  His level of understanding is amazing. I would recommend his service to ANYONE who has ANY health problem. Why not try nutrition and herbs?

PLUS: Come to Ojai just to see him.   He is worth driving from Los Angeles.  He can refer you to other healers while you are here.

I almost NEVER give this sort of reference for anyone. This guy has paid his dues and offers an incredible depth of knowledge." Robert Gluckson, Los Angeles, CA, August 2013

Judy Durfey, Ventura, CA (herbs, inflammation, infection, acidity)

"I highly recommend the herbal remedies and teas given by Khabir Southwick. I had a stomach infection and inflammation for a long time I was not able to fight.  After about 2 weeks of these remedies I no longer had acid reflux, bloating and the soreness in my upper stomach I had.  Also the spices highly reduced the whole body inflammation I had. It is worth trying these things." Judy Durfey, Ventura, CA, July 2013

Mary Nelson, Ojai, CA

"I think Khabir could probably address just about any health issue an individual may have, and do so with compassion, patience and a wealth of information."  Mary Nelson, Ojai, CA, July 2013

Kathy Smothers, Ojai, CA (support)

"Khabir is a very responsible individual with extensive knowledge in his field. Khabir is a very caring and kind individual with compassion for each individuals situation and needs. I would recommend Khabir as a natural healer and trust his judgement." Kathy Smothers, Ojai, CA, July 2013

Yvonne Puth, Ojai, CA (digestion, herbs)

"Khabir has been a great help to me with digestive issues for many years, his herbal teas and supplements work wonders." Yvonne Puth, Ojai, CA, July 2013

Robert Salas, Ojai, CA (herbs, weight, recommend)

"Khabir has a wealth of knowledge about the use of natural herbs and supplements to improve and support good physical health. He has helped me to lose weight and to understand how to prepare and use food in a healthy way. I highly recommend Khabir as an advisor and consultant for good health." Robert Salas, Ojai, CA, July 2013

Marilyn Salas, Ojai, CA (Ayurveda, support)

"I highly recommend Khabir Southwick for his knowledge and wisdom in the field of Ayurvedic Nutritional Consultation. He is a delightful man...and wonderful to work with on difficult health issues. Khabir is also insightful and helps motivate his clients in wonderful ways to achieve their goals! I have recommended Khabir multiple times to my friends and family who are seeking this high level of professionalism in the field of integrative medicine!" Marilyn Salas of Ojai Healing Events, , Ojai, CA, July 2013

Roger Ford, Ojai, CA (recommended)

"Khabir is an experienced and very knowledgeable practitioner. He has skills covering a wide range of topics and can help with many illness's and regaining the body's balance. I would have no hesitation in recommending him." Roger Ford, Healing In America, Ojai, CA, July 2013

Ema Salmon, Ventura, CA

"If you are in Ojai and if you need Natural Healer call Khabir. He will help you." Ema Salmon, Ema's Herbs, Ventura, CA, July 2013

Jody Nelson, Santa Barbara, CA (talk)

"Khabir was so knowledgeable with a great sense of humor. It really makes a difference learning from such an expert. Looking forward to more workshops with Khabir." Jody Nelson, Santa Barbara, CA, July 2013

Robert Gluckson, Laguna Beach, CA (inflammation, joints, herbs)

"Suddenly, today I experienced another joint inflammation -- my right knee.  I have not had any such problems since two years ago when you provided me with a bag of herbs to make tea! Can you send me a bag of herbs right away?" Robert Gluckson, Good Cause Marketing, Laguna Beach, CA, July 2013

Marilyn Sales, Ojai, CA

"Thank you so much for all you are nothing short of "Awesome"! ;-)"  Marilyn Sales, Ojai, CA, July 2013

Jody Nelson, Santa Barbara, CA (talk)

"Great workshop Khabir Southwick!! I learned so much. Thanks for your humorous and easy to understand style. I am so thankful I found you. I know I am in good hands." Jody Nelson, Santa Barbara, CA, June 2013

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