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Personally, I can not think of a better way to offer insight into the value of my Naturopathic and Ayurvedic services than through the words of those that have benefited from them. Please feel free to look through these testimonials to gain insight into the possibilities available. Contact me for additional references. Khabir

Ema Salmon, Ventura, CA

"If you are in Ojai and if you need Natural Healer call Khabir. He will help you." Ema Salmon, Ema's Herbs, Ventura, CA, July 2013

Jody Nelson, Santa Barbara, CA (talk)

"Khabir was so knowledgeable with a great sense of humor. It really makes a difference learning from such an expert. Looking forward to more workshops with Khabir." Jody Nelson, Santa Barbara, CA, July 2013

Robert Gluckson, Laguna Beach, CA (inflammation, joints, herbs)

"Suddenly, today I experienced another joint inflammation -- my right knee.  I have not had any such problems since two years ago when you provided me with a bag of herbs to make tea! Can you send me a bag of herbs right away?" Robert Gluckson, Good Cause Marketing, Laguna Beach, CA, July 2013

Marilyn Sales, Ojai, CA

"Thank you so much for all you are nothing short of "Awesome"! ;-)"  Marilyn Sales, Ojai, CA, July 2013

Jody Nelson, Santa Barbara, CA (talk)

"Great workshop Khabir Southwick!! I learned so much. Thanks for your humorous and easy to understand style. I am so thankful I found you. I know I am in good hands." Jody Nelson, Santa Barbara, CA, June 2013

Ginny W., Santa Barbara, CA (talk)

"Khabir, I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar [on superfoods, May 25th at WholeFoods Market, Santa Barbara], and learned so much. I appreciate your time and experience that you have brought to this meeting. Everyone was obviously as interested as I was, and Rae, thanks for organizing! I look forward to learning more from Khabir!! He really is a nice person, and cares about improving people's health." Ginny W., Santa Barbara, CA, May 2013

Robin, Santa Barbara, CA (talk)

"I enjoyed learning so much about superfoods! Khabir knows his stuff and knows that each person has different needs on the path to health." Robin, Santa Barbara, CA, May 2013

Sandy, Santa Barbara, CA (talk)

"Special thanks to Khabir for donating his time and sharing his expertise in the area of Superfoods in a comfortable digestible format. Khabir demonstrated that his love of his life’s work is truly visible by his effortless enthusiasms, personal one-on-one discussions as well as his genuine interest by incorporating the healthier Superfood choices currently available." Sandy, Santa Barbara, CA, May 2013

Angela Stevens, Oak View, CA (depression, diet, herbs, support)

"Thank you to my herbalist Khabir....who has come along side of me the past 7 months to help me get off my anti-depressant medication that I have been taking for 11 years. I've been drug free for 10 weeks. . . . Khabir addressed my diet, supplement intake, and mixed herb formulas and teas to ease the painful withdrawals. We incorporated a total organic, [wholefood] diet. My kids eat Ezekiel bread, drink raw milk, eat cashew butter instead of peanut butter, and YES they give me a little bit of a challenge about it....but when there is nothing else to eat they accept it. I'm learning patience. Khabir has been a pivotal person in my healing. Thank for teaching me how to take care of my health!" Angela Stevens, Oak View, CA, May 2013

Julie Christensen, Ojai, CA (weight, herbs)

"I got so much out of working with you on my weight loss . I don't always do it right, but when I do, I get results. I've lost 7 pounds that have really stayed off, and I have a much better relationship with food and food-based supplements and herbs. Thank you!" Julie Christensen, Ojai, CA, May 2013

Mia Willson, Carpinteria, CA (herbs, PMS, digestion)

"Teas are great! I drink them all day! I did the PMS tea for a few days and loved it. Supplements are great so far too! I am taking the probiotics. I do notice a difference. My digestion has improved significantly. My body loves the spices and warm food and teas. I feel better! Thank you so much Khabir! I feel like I'm saving money, too!"  Mia Willson, Carpinteria, CA, April 2013

Yasmin Himish, Rabat, Morocco (insomnia, herbs, service)

"I suffered from insomnia most of my life; so lack of sleep stresses me out. After drinking Khabir's herbal teas my sleeping issues disappeared within a few days. Goodbye to puffy eyes! Khabir’s treatment's and advice have changed my life enormously; I appreciate his assistance and kindness tremendously! I still can believe that such a simple and easy lifestyle could reverse my health.   He greatly improved my health and I'm very grateful for that.  In addition, he is professional, knowledgeable, and overall just fantastic!  If you are looking for a natural alternative to treatment for your health conditions, I would highly recommend Khabir." Yasmin Himish, Rabat, Morocco, April 2013

Jeff Hoffman, Oak View, CA (kidneys, pain, diet, herbs, weight, energy, mood)

"When I first contacted Khabir I was in extreme pain caused by a kidney stone. This kidney stone was ¼ by ½ inch long, making it the largest of nearly two hundred stones I have passed in the last thirty five years.  I have been on many different diets and have tried western medicine, acupuncture, herbs, and other remedies during that time. Anyone that has experienced the process of passing a kidney stone knows how intense the pain is.  With Khabir’s coaching and other herbal remedies I have used in the past, I brought my pain down to a more manageable level and was able to pass the stone on my own at home. I have incorporated his diet plan into my life, and have lost twenty eight pounds. I feel more energetic and have a more positive outlook on life. Khabir is both knowledgeable and professional. Anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle and an alternative to western medicine can benefit from his advice." Jeff Hoffman, Oak View, CA, April 2013

Janis Kling, Santa Barbara, CA (talk)

"I thought the workshop last night [March 20th, How to Naturally Reduce Inflammation and Pain] was great, everyone seemed really interested in your presentation." Dr. Janis Kling, Chiropractor, Santa Barbara, CA, March 2013

Christopher Makaton, Ojai, CA (insomnia)

"The sleep formula [you prepared] puts me to sleep and helps me sleep through the whole night and get a very restful, refreshing, unbothered sleep." Christopher Makaton, Ojai, CA, March 2013

Candice, Santa Barbara, CA (talk)

"Wow, you covered a lot in a short amount of time. Very informative . . . Thank you for the gift of your time and the mindful presentation." Candice, Santa Barbara, CA, March 2013

Robert Lloyd, Ojai, CA

"I have worked with Khabir and he is very knowledgeable and professional. His integrity and values make him a very good choice for healing consultant. Highly recommended." Robert Lloyd, Owner, Windward Computer & Marketing, Ojai, CA, March 2013

Barbara Zagata, Santa Barbara, CA (talk)

"I thought it was a super informative presentation. I learned a lot and appreciate Khabir for his passion and dedication to this. Its so true that we could all use these powerful supplements daily with just a little more knowledge." Barbara Zagata, Santa Barbara, CA, March 2013

Sumi Jones, Santa Barbara, CA (talk)

"Really great information and very well presented. I highly recommending going to listen to a talk with Khabir." Sumi Jones, Santa Barbara, CA, February 2013

Dore' andGuido, Ojai, CA (Ayurveda, insomnia, immunity, energy, digestion, diet)

"Khabir's highly knowledgeable and exceptionally thorough understanding of Ayurveda is a health-enhancing gift to others.  Within just 7 days on my Ayurveda diet, my physical constitution felt far more balanced, calmer and I slept much better. Seven months on the diet and my immune system is significantly stronger and my energy has increased overall.  My spouse had a consultation with Khabir also.  He's able to sleep better and his digestive system improved significantly.  We love eating based on Ayurveda principles.  The foods are tasty, highly nutritious and fulfilling. An unforeseen benefit is we're saving $200+ each month on our food bill.  Ayurveda is an intricately designed, intelligent system that determines a customized, optimal way of eating based on ones individual constitution. We thank you Khabir for your valuable service." Dore' and Guido, Ojai, CA, January 2013

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