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Personally, I can not think of a better way to offer insight into the value of my Naturopathic and Ayurvedic services than through the words of those that have benefited from them. Please feel free to look through these testimonials to gain insight into the possibilities available. Contact me for additional references. Khabir

Diana Bashardost, VA

"THANK YOU for your healing work, which I see basically as being in God's service, and for your incredible efforts-BTW which we have heard about from your other clients." Diana Bashardost, VA, June 2012

Oceanna, Ojai, CA (energy, mood)

"Working with Khabir is a JOY.  I found my myriad of questions and bewilderment, so easily simplified and clarified in one session. I know I am on the beginning of re strengthening the body system..already after a few days I feel much better, greater energy stamina, happier!...Thank you Khabir...." Oceanna Artist/ Lomilomi Bodywork Trainer, Ojai, CA, June 2012

Tom R., Ojai, CA (support, Pitta, diet, acidity, blood sugar)

"Khabir, I wanted let you know that your guidance and help has changed my life and I can not tell you how much I enjoyed working with you. The time and consideration you put into my health and wellbeing was amazing in which I reap the rewards everyday so I thought I would thank you for the amazing job you did and continue to do.

I was stunned that you had me pegged for a true pitta before I even met you and the simple dietary and lifestyle adjustments you had me do were easy yet life altering. I no longer unknowingly struggle with the heat of the day or with what types off clothes to wear to regulate body temperature. I no longer get acid reflux in which I have suffered my entire life with and on top of that I am finally off the medication for reflux which I have been on for over 20 years.  Another problem I have suffered with was major blood sugar crashes and since the very first day of coming to see you, I have never had a blood sugar crash again.

Anyway, I could go on and on about the health benefits you have provided me but what I truly want to do is give a a true and sincere thanks for everything that you do.

Peace Happiness and Well Being." Tom R., Ojai, CA, May 2012

Oracio Casillas, Ojai, CA

"Khabir is great his local business Natural Healing Consultants of Ojai is here to help you with any healing you may need." Oracio Casillas, Ojai CA, May 2012

Kathryn Ashera Rose, Reston, VA

"Khabir is so tuned in, kind and compassionate, knowledgeable and helpful! We got a lot done in a short time." Kathryn Ashera Rose, Reston, VA, May 2012

Erin Nelson, Los Angeles, CA (energy, support)

"I would have never thought that by speaking with someone on the phone who would make recommendations based on MY health goals would be so effective and powerful.  Khabir has such a wealth of experience and insight that I was floored by his understanding of my condition. Then he step at a time gave me tasks to achieve which within a few months transformed my energy levels and completely improved my overall health. He went so far as to mail me supplements and herbs which I found very helpful.  Thank you Khabir. I will continue to refer you to others and look forward to the day we can meet in person." Erin Nelson, Los Angeles, CA, April 2012

Aaron Zweig, Ojai, CA (health)

"Khabir's passion for the health of his clients is a testament to true service! With his help you cannot fail to reach your health goals!" Aaron Zweig, Somatic Therapist, Ojai, CA, April 2012.

Catherine Ann Jones, Ojai, CA (liver, gallbladder, Ayurveda, detox)

"I'd done cleanses before, but doing the liver-gallbladder cleanse with the Ayurvedic herbs was so much easier. Thank you, Khabir!" Catherine Ann Jones, Ojai, CA, March 2012

Mary Kennedy, Ojai, CA (liver, gallbladder, talk, support)

"The results were impressive [from your Gallbladder/Liver Flush Workshop] and I will be doing my second gallbladder/liver flush in a few months.  Thank you, Khabir, for your guidance through this process and being available to answer any concerns." Mary Kennedy, Ojai, CA, March 2012

Barbara, Ojai, CA

"Blessings on all you do for others." Barbara, Ojai, CA, March 2012

Tina Mae, Ojai, CA (talk)

"Thank you so much for a great presentation tonight and sharing your wealth of information and experience." Tina Mae, Ojai, CA, March 2012

Deina Santoya, Ojai, CA (diet, child care, skin)

"It was a complete mystery as to what to feed my child.  I knew she had a different body-type and I just didn't know what to feed her.  She had a different appetite and metabolism. When you showed me the dosha system I was relieved to know that there were foods that would stabilize her.   After following your recommendations, her skin condition improved and her sleep patterns are more regular.  I'm looking forward to consulting with you as she approaches puberty. Thanks Khabir." Deina Santoya, Ojai, CA, February 2012

Bonnie Daugherty, Santa Maria, CA (blood sugar, allergies, insomnia)

"Just wanted to say thank you Khabir!  I've decreased my insulin from 38 units 2 times daily to 28 units 2 times daily!  My bowel movements are regular . . .  I haven't needed any allergy medication and have gotten off my Advil.  The best news is...I no longer need a pill to sleep or a pill to stay awake!" Bonnie Daugherty, Santa Maria, CA, February 2012

Ceanne Richards, Ojai, CA (support)

"Am so very grateful for all the great information that you have shared with me and the changes that I have made in my lifestyle. You have been a great teacher Khabir, thank you so much." Ceanne Richards, Ojai, CA, January 2012

Lily Maravilla, Los Angeles, CA

"We are doing well on our new "Simple" meal plan. Thank you for your guidance. Peace and Love always." The Becerra Familia, Lily Maravilla, Los Angeles, CA, December 2011

Deb & Dan Court, Ojai, CA (Vata, Kapha, energy, relaxation, couples)

"Wow, Khabir, it was so great to come see you with my Partner as a Couple. Your assessment and understanding of our Doshas really set in motion a whole new understanding of each other. I am the one who cooks for us and knowing that my precious Man is a Vata  and I am a Kapha/Pitta really helps both of us take care and nurture each other. I now have a good idea how to help him be more relaxed and he is helping me to be more active. We both have what each other is striving for. This is very valuable knowledge to understand not only about our bodies but also our temperaments. LOVED our Couples session." Deb Court, Ojai, CA, December 2011

Elana Daley, Ojai, CA (skin, insomnia, mood, diet)

"The supplements have been working like a charm. My skin is clearing up, I’m sleeping better and more, my attitude is improved, my overall health is better. I am drinking my shake every morning and it includes more fresh greens and veggies… It’s delicious.  I’m also reducing the commitments and increasing my focus."  Elana Daley, Concepts in Training, Ojai, CA, December 2011

Katherine, Ojai, CA (skin)

"I wanted to let you know that the oils your recommended are wonderful. I don’t itch anymore during the winter season . . .  I also feel so much better and my body craves all the oil supplements. Good job, well done. Thank you." Katherine, Ojai, CA, December 2011

John Whyte, Ojai, CA (detox, depression, insomnia, liver, gallbladder)

"I first sought out Khabir’s help as I was feeling effects that often coincide with over exposure to heavy metals.  I knew what these effects were as I work in manufacturing, where these symptoms are closely monitored on the factory level.  I was feeling dizziness, lightheaded, metallic tastes, slight depression and disruption in sleep.

We completed a full detox of the liver and gallbladder.  I can say that since completion, the symptoms are gone.  Im sleeping better and my focus is back and sharp.  Due to the mass amounts of heavy metals that are put in our atmosphere thru ground and airborne aerosols, we all need to detox just to keep our body running properly. Thanks Khabir!" John Whyte, Ojai, CA, November 2011

Rose Marie Pronovost, Ojai, CA (diet, weight, insomnia, menopause)

"It is accurate to say that my life, in terms of my eating habits, has changed dramatically as a result of my recent (Sept-Oct. 2011) weekly meetings with Khabir. As a 64 year old woman I thought I was a healthy eater, but had much difficulty losing weight and sleeping through the night (yeah menopause) . This has all changed since I started following the Ayurvedic guidelines, taking the herbs, tea, oils and food supplements and advice, given with heartfelt earnestness and a sense of humor from Khabir. I can now, sleep through the night, on most nights, without taking medication. That coupled with increased energy, knowledge of how my body responds to the right foods for my dosha, and education in this eating lifestyle has made a major difference in my life.  Thanks Khabir for your guidance, support, enthusiasm and shared knowledge of nutrition, you have changed my life for the better." Rose Marie Pronovost, Ojai, CA, November 2011

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