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Personally, I can not think of a better way to offer insight into the value of my Naturopathic and Ayurvedic services than through the words of those that have benefited from them. Please feel free to look through these testimonials to gain insight into the possibilities available. Contact me for additional references. Khabir

Karen Stephens, Oak View, CA (inflammation, pain, energy)

"You are a magician.  My spasms are mostly gone.  The inflammation has been greatly reduced.  Very little pain or stiffness.  in fact, I a feeling back on course energetically." Karen Stephens, Oak View, CA, August 2011

Mary Edwards, Ojai, CA (support)

"Khabir your commitment to your work and your compassion for the people you work with are commendable.... " Mary Edwards, Ojai, CA, August 2011

Karen Stephens, Oak View, CA (sleep, insomnia)

"Those sleeping herbs are the absolute best thing that has happened to me in ten years.  Sleeping so well.  Wow I can't tell you how huge that is.  I stopped taking the marinol." Karen Stephens, Oak View, CA, July 2011

River, Ojai, CA (weight, support)

"I have been working with Khabir since April and I have had some amazing improvements to my health. I have less pain in my body, my knees are feeling better and I've lost 30 lbs. I have found that his  knowledge and support have been just what I needed." River, Ojai, CA, June 2011

Elaine Eddy, Ojai, CA (pain, support, diet, blood)

"I just want to tell you that the herbs you suggested are working well!  THANK YOU SO MUCH for being patient and open to my needs and hopes.

I haven't had any fibro pain for 4 days now!  WOW!  The food, herbs, acupuncture are helping me. I went to the Doc last week and he said the blood work is "within normal range"." Elaine Eddy, Ojai, CA, May 2011

Emily Burger, Ojai, CA (diet, weight, mood)

"Been sticking to my diet as prescribed & feeling so much better its actually amazing. I've taken everything out of my diet that aggravates my system (sugar, wheat, corn, dairy except goat cheese & some plain yogurt, potatoes, tomatoes, acidic fruits, everything on that list) & adding in cooling, soothing foods & adding in a lot more veggies & focusing on more protein!

I've lost another lb. 6 lbs total, pretty good for just a diet change." Emily Burger, Ojai, CA, May 2011

River, Ojai, CA (support)

"Thank you so much for your work, I just love this process!The personal support is what has been missing with the other health care practitioners I have worked with in the past. That is the big difference in creating the feeling of success  I have in making this shift towards a healthy, balanced life style.  Thank you!" River, Ojai, CA, May 2011

Ronnie Lee, Ojai, CA

"Was an amazing day and the time we spent with you was so joyful.  We feel the best we have been feeling since your consultation also. And on the last note had a nice mix some floated and some sank. So the change has already started lol. Peace, Love and harmonious vibrations Brother. See you soon. Thank you, Khabir." The Lee Family, Ojai, CA, May 2011

Bim Goddard, Ojai, CA

"I really enjoy the time I spend with you and value highly your friendship and advice." Bim Goddard, Ojai, CA, May 2011

James Blake, Los Angeles, CA (diet, sleep, weight, cravings)

"I was skeptical at first about working with a nutritionist on the phone, however, Khabir has proved to be very effective in helping me improve my diet and my overall health. I feel more energy after all the superfood supplements he recommended and I'm sleeping much better too. More importantly for me, I’m losing weight and am clear about what I have to do to keep losing weight. Before I starting with Khabir on the phone and Skype I had crazy food cravings and was fatigued mostly in the afternoon. It is just so incredible that changing my diet and taking Khabir’s recommended supplements all from food sources could help my conditions so quickly and without vitamins. I cannot than you enough Khabir and I look forward to visiting you someday." James Blake, Los Angeles, CA, April 2011

Ashley Pintek, Los Angeles, CA (diet, Vata)

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me rethink my dietary habits - I have been eating all the vata foods, cooking my vegetables, using more oil and spices.  I have to say I feel and look so much better now, it's really quite amazing!  I, and I'm sure countless other people, am truly grateful for the work you do. Blessings." Ashley Pintek, Los Angeles, CA, April 2011

Stephen Karcher, Ojai, CA (energy, stress, diet)

"Energies are much calmer and more balanced, stress levels definitely down. Thanks to those wonderful teas, I’ve fairly effortlessly eliminated coffee, red meat and ice cream/sugar from my diet." Stephen Karcher, Ojai, CA, April 2011

Tara Blasco, Ojai, CA (diet, weight)

"The dietary suggestions have been very helpful as well. I basically embraced all the suggestions and have started to implement them. I dropped two pounds in two days. maybe there was a lot of salt retention in there, but in any case it is pretty good. Thanks for your help with all this dietary changes that is being very useful." Tara Blasco, Ojai, CA, April 2011

Pam Smith, Ojai, CA (diet)

"Thank you for all you've done getting me to change my diet." Pam Smith, Ojai, CA, April 2011

Jennifer Wilson, Ojai, CA (diet, skin, Vata)

"Thanks for the tip on switching to a more Vata diet, my skin is softer and I feel better." Jennifer Wilson, Ojai, CA, April 2011

Avik Chatterjee, LosAngeles, CA (body type, diet)

"Khabir helped me learn the types of foods appropriate for my body-type.  Khabir's intuition/knowledge about the types of food that I like were uncannily accurate. The knowledge of how to better take care of myself is priceless and will help me stay happy and healthy for the rest of my life. His services are highly recommended. Thanks Khabir." Avik Chatterjee, LosAngeles, CA, April 2011

Anat Dagan, Ojai, CA (diet)

"Khabir is very passionate about sharing his knowledge about right nutrition and how to find out what we each need or not in our diet." Anat Dagan, Ojai, CA, April 2011

Lana Hester, Ojai, CA (support)

"Thank you for caring about health and for being so supportive! You are a blessing :) " Lana Hester, Ojai, CA, April 2011

Stacey Pribanic, Ojai, CA (talk, Ayurveda)

"I thought the talk was great.  You have a lot of great information, and I love your approach that there is no "one-size fits all" diet. You make the information fun and easy to understand.  Ayurvedic nutrition is really interesting to me, and I find the concepts easy to apply . . . " Stacey Pribanic, Ojai, CA, April 2011

Judy K., Ojai, CA (diet, weight gain, Vata, skin)

"Thank you Khabir. I now have gained weight in all the right places! On the Vata diet my sweet cheeks have returned!!" Judy K., Ojai, CA, March 2011

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