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 4th Annual Ayurvedic Workshop - Rishikesh, India 2019

7-day course:

The Fundamental Principles & Physiology of Ayurveda

Nov. 9th - 15th, 2019


By Vaidya Khabir Southwick, supported by Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda) and Dr. Rakesh Argwal of Maa Yoga Ashram.

 Held at Maa Yoga Ashram, Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, India. 

Sponsored by Planet Ayurveda, India.


  * No prior training or knowledge of Ayurveda is required.

Ayurveda Consultant Program  

The two to four year program comprises two 7-day workshops in Rishikesh, India, two 8 day advanced workshops in Kerala and the study of five textbooks. These intensive workshops are presented for those who are interested in, studying or actively practicing [clinical] Ayurvedic health-care.  A certificate of achievement is given after the complete of each workshop and after all four workshops are successfully completed an additional certification of Achievement of the Ayurvedic Health Consulting program will be provided.

"This teaching format is for those who want an authentic and substantive hands-on training in Ayurvedic health-care (kayachikitsa) to be applied in clinical practice.  Most courses on Ayurveda are more focused on theory than clinical application, or too academic and detailed, requiring understanding of Sanskrit terminology.   The goal of these workshops is to help [western] students and practitioners of Ayurveda to better grasp the functional and clinical applications of Ayurveda.  The classes are straightforward and clear without much Sanskrit terminology."  Khabir 

Certificate Course in Ayurveda

Upon the completion of the course a CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT will be provided issued by Planet Ayurveda and signed by Vaidya Khabir Southwick, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and Dr. Rakesh Argwal on behalf or Maa Yoga Ashram.  The instructors and sponsors are pleased to provide this formal certificate course of study in Ayurvedic Healthcare. This course endeavors to provide a comprehensive and authentic, professional education for the health practitioner seeking to incorporate Ayurvedic medical principles into their existing practice, and those looking to enter the field of traditional Ayurvedic healthcare.  A personalized certificate will be presented on the closing day for graduates.*


Fundamental Principles and the Physiology of Ayurveda

- Nov. 9th to 15th, 2019

Note: This course should be taken before more advanced courses, in order to understand  fundamental concepts such as the tri-doshic system, sub-doshas, gunas (qualities), dhatus (tissues), srotomsi (systems), agni (digestive fire & power of transformation), ojas (immunity and inner strength) and ama (toxins and undigested food/materials) and other essential aspects of Ayurvedic anatomy and functionality of the body according to Ayurveda. 

This practical and intensive 7 day course will establish the foundation to proper Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment skills (since Ayurvedic anatomy is very different from the western system).  Ayurvedic therapies are based on Ayurvedic anatomy and energetics so it is essential to learn these fundamentals before proceeding with diagnostic skills, herbology (dravya guna), dietary counseling (ahara chikitsa), panchakarma (five types of detoxification therapies) and rasayana (rejuvenation or nutritional therapy).

Course objectives:

  1. Develop a thorough foundation in understanding Ayurveda by learning about the Ayurvedic perspective of the human body: Anatomy and Physiology

  2. Learn to view the human body, its functions, and imbalances in terms of the doshas (Vata, Pitta & Kapha), sub-doshas, dhatus (tissues) and srotamsi (systems), waste products (mala), prana (life force), ojas (immunity), etc.

Course Outline:

Part 1: Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda 

  • Understanding the 5 elements – Akasha (Space), Vayu (Air), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire) and Prithvi (Earth) and their attributes (gunas).
  • Understand clearly the Tri-doshic theory (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), and the 15 Sub Doshas, their locations and qualities.
  • Learn how every physical characteristic, as well as one's mental capacity and emotional tendencies can, be explained in terms of the doshas.

Part 2: Ayurvedic Anatomy and Energetics 

  •  Learn about the concepts of Prakruti (original constitution or "body type") & Vikruti (current doshic imbalances)*.
  •  Understand Agni (digestive fire) - Learning about the roles and functions of Agni, the main types of Agni, tiksna agni (high/sharp), vishama agni (variable), manda agni (dull), sama agni (balanced), and the subtypes of Agni.
  • Learn about Ama (metabolic toxins) and Malas (body's waste products): Understand the three primary malas being Purisha (feces), Mutra (urine) and Sveda (sweat), types and causes of Ama.
  • Learn about the 7 Dhatus (body tissues): the Rasa Dhatu (fluid),  Rakta Dhatu (blood), Mamsa Dhatu (muscle tissue), Meda Dhatu (fat/adipose tissue), Majja Dhatu (bone marrow and nerves) and Shukra Dhatu (reproductive tissue).   Learn how Dhatus successively nourish each other, and how the state of each tissue forms a pillar of health, or when imbalanced deteriorates the body's ability to maintain homeostasis.
  •  Learn about 14 Srotamsi  (channels or systems) [essential for clinical practice]: 3 channels that receive food, water and prana (life-force energy); 7 bodily channels which nourish and maintain the body's tissues (dhatus); 3 eliminating channels for feces, urine and sweat; the manovaha srota (the channel of the mind).
  •  Learn about the subtle qualities and functionality of Prana (life-force energy), Tejas (metabolic fire) and Ojas (immunity).
  •  Understanding the three gunas - Sattva, Rajas and Tamas (states of mind and being), and their essential components or energies.

Part 3: Review and apply knowledge of Ayurveda anatomy

  • Each participant will describe their individual:
    • Prakruti (original body-mind type) and Vikruti (current doshic imbalances) and sub-dosha imbalances
    • State of Agni and Ama
    • State of each Dhatu (tissue) and the respective Srotamsi (channels)
    • State of Prana, Tejas and Ojas
    • State of mind based on the gunas: Sattva, Rajas, Tamas.

* Daily reading material is provided the day before each course from the text book.   Sanskrit words that are important in clinical Ayurveda will be thoroughly explained. 

Schedule of course


Certificate presentation at end of course 

"Another wonderful Ayurveda workshop at Khabir's! Everyone would benefit from this well organized workshop . . . .  Thank you Khabir for sharing your amazing knowledge."  Ilse Oliver, Ventura, CA 


Vegetarian dinner will be provided in Maa Yoga Ashram, a beautiful private ashram close to the Ganges river in Laxman Jhula area, Rishikesh India.

* Dinner and teas are included in the cost of the workshop. 


US$550 for the 7-day workshop

Includes dinner, accommodation for 6 nights, certification for 40 hours of study, including 25 hours of instruction by Khabir.   Price includes a private "cottage" with an attached bathroom and available room service, arrival and introductory dinner on the first day, and conclusory breakfast on the last day. The course also includes an herbal shopping tour, handouts, lectures by guest speakers, access to Panchakarma treatments at reduced rates, close-by shopping and musical entertainment some nights  

* Bring extra money for food, an optional yoga class in the morning, Panchakarma treatments, private consultations with Ayurvedic doctors, herbal products, Indian clothes and gifts.  Transportation can be arranged from New Delhi, Chandigarh or Dehradun, India airports by taxi (6 hours, 5 hours or 1.5 hours respectively).

* Textbook and prior reading required:  Anatomy and Physiology in Ayurveda is an additional $16 (Amazon price without shipping)


Mail your check ($150 for the deposit or $500 for the complete course) to 226 W. Ojai Ave. 101-177, Ojai, CA 93023 payable to Natural Healing Consultants of Ojai and note which course you're paying for.  Alternatively, we can send an online-printable invoice upon request. 

To pay by credit card or Paypal:

Pay $150 deposit by credit card - Balance is due before September 1st.

Pay $500 by credit card or Paypal and SAVE $50 until the first 5 people register. 

Travel details

Terms and conditions

Payment signifies accepting of the terms and condtions.   

Presenter and Organizer 

Khabir Southwick, is an international Ayurvedic health-care practitioner, master herbalist and public educator of natural health-care.  For over 25 years, Khabir has helped thousands of people to naturally overcome a wide range of health conditions with individualized Ayurvedic herbal & dietary protocols, Indian and western herbal medicines and traditional home remedies.  Khabir formulates and provides his own herbal teas and Ayurvedic formulas to address most health conditions.  When in Ojai, Khabir maintains his health-care practice with local, national and international clients.  He has provided hundreds of classes and workshops in Southern California and internationally in India, France, Morocco and the UAE.  He also travels regularly to India for personal study, to organize these Ayurveda courses and  his annual detoxification (panchakarma) retreats. (Details)


Dr. Vikram Chauhan BAMS, MD (AYURVEDA) a well-known Ayurvedic doctor with a large and busy clinic in Chandigarh, India; owner of Planet Ayurveda - worldwide distributor of high-quality Ayurvedic products. Dr. Vikram is a highly experienced Ayurvedic doctor whose had great success in treating many advanced health conditions with his herbal products.  He and Khabir designed the course together, and his expertise in clinical Ayurvedic practice adds to the value of the certificate.



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 Testimonials  from 2016

"Khabir has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Ayurveda to cement the textbook learning" Robert Linson, El Dorado, CA, USA

"Thanks your Khabir for teaching us in a clear and practical "western" style about such a subtle eastern science" Corinne, France
"I found Khabir's method and choice of supportive material thorough and expansive. I look forward to learning more from Khabir in the future." Benard Bennett, Austin Texas, USA
"I am extremely excited for this year's class [in 2017 because] the 2016 class was a great experience and loved everything we learned. . ."  Deysi Mir, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
"The Ayurveda course [in 2016] was exceptional. " Sanjana, Rajaskraran, Ojai, CA.

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Success Stories

Jeff Hoffman, Oak View, CA.

I have incorporated his diet plan into my life, and have lost twenty eight pounds. I feel more energetic and have a more positive outlook on life. Khabir is both knowledgeable and professional. Anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle and an alternative to western medicine can benefit from his advice.

Steve Foster, Ventura CA

"Ghee and honey have helped my dry joints and dry lung cough 100%, along with allergy powder and diet change -- so good!  [I also] lost 20lbs, sleep [is better], and my memory is very good.  I humbly say to follow what Khabir prescribes 100% and may you get 100% relief, as well."  May 2017 

Robert Salas, Ojai, CA

Khabir has a wealth of knowledge about the use of natural herbs and supplements to improve and support good physical health. He has helped me to lose weight and to understand how to prepare and use food in a healthy way. I highly recommend Khabir as an advisor and consultant for good health.

Kareem Mohamed, Dubai.

"I had an appointment with Khabir about 3 month ago and I have lost about 20kgs of extra weight, thanks to him of-course and also to the herbs that he gave to me. When I first started the program I didn't think it would be that helpful but I was wrong those herbs will let you know exactly how badly you were treating your self, it might be hard at first but once you get used to the new lifestyle you will not be able to go back."  

River, Ojai, CA

I have been working with Khabir since April and I have had some amazing improvements to my health. I have less pain in my body, my knees are feeling better and I've lost 30 lbs. I have found that his knowledge and support have been just what I needed.

Bonnie Daugherty, Santa Maria, CA

Just wanted to say thank you Khabir! I've decreased my insulin from 38 units 2 times daily to 28 units 2 times daily! My bowel movements are regular . . . I haven't needed any allergy medication and have gotten off my Advil. The best news is...I no longer need a pill to sleep or a pill to stay awake!

Julie Christensen, Ojai, CA

I got so much out of working with you on my weight loss. I don't always do it right, but when I do, I get results. I've lost 7 pounds that have really stayed off, and I have a much better relationship with food and food-based supplements and herbs. Thank you!

Nila S Goleta, CA.

I have been taking insulin daily for over 10 years. I started working with Khabir primarily to stabilize my blood glucose levels. After following his protocol for a few weeks, I had greatly reduced my need for the daily long acting insulin in much lower quantities. The day time rapid insulin has reduced to almost just a couple of time a week. Also to my surprise my weight has come down and my energy has improved. I notice a huge change in how I feel and my friends and family too have noticed and clearly see that I look more healthy and less tired. . . . Subsequently, I have reduced much of the medication I was taking before. I have recommended others to see him and have no hesitation to recommend him without any hesitation, especially those who are diabetic. His Ayurvedic herbs has benefited me immensely and has helped me so much.

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