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The greatest arrogance of the present is to forget the intelligence of the past.



Less than 150 years old

Since beginning of time

Combats/Fights Dis-Ease, external threats such as viruses, bacteria etc., whereby creating collateral damage known as Side-Effects

Supports Body’s own healing mechanisms

Adheres to (germ) introduced by
Louis Pasteur M.D.

Explained through the introduced by 
Antoine Bechamp, M.D.

Sees germs as cause of disease

Sees the biological terrain as cause of disease

Specializes in Disease and Symptom Management (covering up the body’s warning signals)

Specializes in Health and Correction of Cause

Interprets body’s healing mechanisms for failed responses

Understands and supports body’s detoxification mechanisms

Uses Drugs,  Radiation and Surgery to fight disease

Uses life style changes, diet/fasting, detoxifications, rest, nutritional supplementation, herbs; addresses mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects in one’s life in order to enable elimination of toxins and release of trauma

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