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Get regular sunshine

Get 30 minutes of sunshine a day

Sunshine is vital to the proper functioning of our bodies.  It stimulates the production of serotonin which helps us have a good mental outlook. It stimulates the pineal gland which makes melatonin, which winds our body's clock and helps us sleep at night. It  is a great source of Vitamin D which helps our body to absorb and use calcium and is essential for bone and teeth health. Vitamin D helps lower blood cholesterol levels and helps prevent colon, breast, and ovarian cancers. It is crucial in activating our immune defenses.  Studies show that many adults have deficient levels of Vitamin D. 

You need 5 to 30 minutes of exposure to the sun on your face, arms, back, or legs without sunscreen at least two times a week. Length of time depends on factors such as: skin color (including level of tan), time spent in sun, the weather, your location, the season, time of day, and how soon you bathe after exposure!

For more information on the healing power of sunlight click here.

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