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Use Western, Chinese, or Indian Herbs to care for yourself

For every illness or mental state there are herbs that can help ease the condition.  Most people new to herbs are surprised at how effective and simple they are to use. Many western medications were originally derived from herbs, and many cultures have traditions going back centuries that demonstrate their efficacy.

In fact, herbal medicine is the oldest form of healthcare known to mankind. Herbs have been used by all cultures throughout history. Apparently, primitive man observed and appreciated the great diversity of plants available to him. The plants provided food, clothing, shelter, and medicine. Much of the medicinal use of plants seems to have been developed through observations of wild animals, and by trial and error. As time went on, each tribe added the medicinal power of herbs in their area to its knowledge base. They methodically collected information on herbs and developed well-defined herbal pharmacopoeias.  The use of plants as medicine is older than recorded history.  The knowledge of herb medicine is one of humankind's greatest achievement so every man and woman, young or old, healthy or dis-eased, can benefit from an herbal tea, formula or treatment.

Herbs are commonly prescribed by conventional physicians in Europe. In 1978, the German Commission E published a list of more than 300 herbs, noting research attesting to their safety and effectiveness, as well as possible side effects and drug interactions.  Mostly people in "developing" countries continue to use "traditional" herb treatments daily while a large percentage of people in countries such as India and China rely only on herbal medicine for all of their health care needs.