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Home Consulting & Health Food Store Tours

These services are some of the most cost effective, simple and even fun ways to improve your diet and ultimately your overall health!  I highly recommend these services for all my clients and especially for those who need assistance changing old eating habits, shopping in health food stores and cooking wholesome meals.

Natural Kitchen Consultation*

Make your kitchen a nutritional powerhouse for you and your family.  I will guide you through your fridge and cupboards to identify unhealthy and often toxic ingredients and substances.  For example, processed foods require careful inspection and often “healthy foods” have little nutritional value with little or no protein.  Other substances such as the hydrogenated oils, sweeteners and some forms of sugars are often hidden toxins that you and your family may be consuming each day.


Health Food Store Tour

For this service, I will help you resupply your kitchen with healthy and whole foods specifically for you and your family’s nutritional needs based on each person's body-type (Ayurveda Dosha).  This service is fun and interesting so bring a friend and other family members.  You will learn about new healthy products, how to carefully read nutritional labels and ingredients and how to squeeze the nutritional worth from your grocery dollars.

Subject options: Using superfoods, vegetarian meal planning, recommended supplements, useful spices, therapeutic teas and tinctures, choosing gains and legumes, natural cleaning products, health choices for children, and more.

Costs: $175 for an individual or a private group up to 10 persons with no travel fee at select health foods stores: Wholefoods in Oxnard, Lassens in Ventura, Rainbow Bridge in Ojai, Wholefoods or Lazy Acres in Santa Barbara or Lassens in Goleta.

Home Cooking and Juicing Classes*

Discover exciting menu ideas based on foods that are balancing for you and your family.  Learn about different time saving cooking appliances such as a rice cooker, steamer and pressure cooker.  Learn how to make homemade sauces, dressings, curries and more. Learn to prepare both fruit and vegetable juices with therapeutic foods.

Costs: Considered one consultation pull travel costs.  Service is often provided by an associate chef. 

Fees & Payment Options


If you would like to know my views about your health and your options, please submit my secure Online Health Assessment Form

For details see: Fees & Online Health Assessment Forms.

* Services may be provided by an associate

Feedback from past tours and talk in local Health Food Stores:

"Khabir was so knowledgeable with a great sense of humor. It really makes a difference learning from such an expert. Looking forward to more workshops with Khabir." Jody Nelson, Santa Barbara

Special thanks to Khabir for donating his time and sharing his expertise in the area of Superfoods in a comfortable digestible format. Khabir demonstrated that his love of his life’s work is truly visible by his effortless enthusiasms, personal one-on-one discussions as well as his genuine interest by incorporating the healthier Superfood choices currently available. Sandy, Santa Barbara

Khabir, I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar [on superfoods, May 25th at WholeFoods Market, Santa Barbara], and learned so much. I appreciate your time and experience that you have brought to this meeting. Everyone was obviously as interested as I was, and Rae, thanks for organizing! I look forward to learning more from Khabir!! He really is a nice person, and cares about improving people's health. Ginny W. Santa Barbara

I enjoyed learning so much about superfoods! Khabir knows his stuff and knows that each person has different needs on the path to health. Robin, Santa Barbara

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Recent Testimonials

  • Soren, Sarah and Wyland, Ventura CA (digestion, immunity, child care)

     "I started seeing Khabir in 2014 as I had been dealing with chronic digestive problems for my entire life. These issues caused high levels of anxiety and stress on a daily basis and to say that my quality of life was inhibited would be an understatement. After I started seeing Khabir and began incorporating his dosha specific diet plans, herbal remedies, and cleansing, I experienced immediate results. My health and state of mind improved more than I could have imagined. Khabir continued to be a positive influence throughout my pregnancy and with his guidance and support I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy in 2015.  Since then my entire family has continued to see Khabir and he has been especially helpful with any kind of ailment and preventative care.  My four year old drinks...

  • Christine MacInnes, Glendive, MT (blood sugar, blood pressure, weight loss, herbs)

    "Khabir has been a true lifesaver for me! I have several diseases going on and came to him in very rough shape. He immediately assessed my issues and we began tackling them one by one. I have been able to get off all medications and manage my diabetes, celiac, high blood pressure and other disorders with just a change in food and using the herbs he supplies me with. I have lost weight, kept it off, and feel healthier than I have in years. I was searching for a better way to get healthy rather than just taking pills all the time. These herb remedies WORK! I cannot recommend him enough. I am a client for life. I highly recommend seeking out his advice and treatment. He is knowledgeable, kind, absolutely committed to your health."  Christine MacInnes 

  • Dawn Moran, Ventura, CA (cardiovascular)

    "I was on blood pressure medication for the better part of my life. After seeing Khabir and using his remedies I am off medication. He is very knowledgeable and explains everything simply. I have referred many people to him and trust his advice." Dawn Moran, Ventura, CA May, 2019

  • Loa Arnoth, Ventura CA (pain, digestion, respiratory, recommend)

    "Incredible herbalist, helped me with boosting my immune system, helping me overcome a chronic cough, helped me with my digestion, etc. His herbal formulas really work and I feel he gets to the physical root of the issue! Highly recommended." Loa Arnoth of Transformational You, Ventura CA, April 2019

  • Lanny Kaufer of Herb Walks Ojai CA (Ayurveda)

    "Khabir has studied extensively in India with Ayurvedic masters. He understands how to apply their common sense principles and teachings to those of us living in the USA in the 21st century. "   Lanny Kaufer of Herb Walks with Lanny Kaufer, Ojai CA. April 2019


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