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Herbal Medicine Treatments for Anxiety & Stress Management 

Herbal home-remedies with Ayurvedic dietary guidelines

Treatment details can be provided during a private appointment in Ojai or Santa Barbara, or by phone/Skype with herbal products mailed.


Stress is a complex concept that has both mental and physiological components. Though most forms of stress are psychological, they trigger a variety of physiological changes.  Stress can lead to palpitations, heart attack, migraine and tension headaches, eating disorders, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, insomnia, depression, premature aging, and more. Typical symptoms of stress can be insomnia, loss of mental concentration, anxiety, substance abuse, extreme anger and frustration, family conflict, and physical illnesses, such as heart disease, migraines, headaches, digestive problems, and more.  Vata types have a more sensitive nervous system and thus are more easily affected by stress but all persons can experience anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia due to stress.

The Anxiety reducing protocol

The protocol includes Ayurvedic eating habits guidelines, specific wholefood supplement recommendations, relaxing and sleepy herbal teas, and an ayurvedic herbal formula to be taken daily. Improvement is seen in most cases, but a person's lifestyle and stress levels are major factors.  Medicated self-oil massage (Abhyanga) is also very helpful as is herbal enema or Colon Therapy (Basti).

Herbs known as adaptogens are beneficial in alleviating stress.  These herbs that promote adaptability to stress include ashwagandha, wild yam,  licorice, chamomile, and more.   Certain Ayurvedic nervines and tonic herbs such as Brahmi (Gotu kola), jatamatsi,  shankpushpi, and Guduchi are very effective at reducing generalized anxiety while heightening alertness and preventing mental stress from mounting.

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Treatments require one private consultation (in Ojai, CA or by Skype) plus herbal products.

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Success stories

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Sara, CA

I've had insomnia for about 3 yrs now. I was desperately looking for natural holistic approach and I come across Khabir on YouTube. The first day I took his herbs I feel so calm, I knew right away he's treatment was what I was looking for. Its only been two weeks and I have not had panic attack or anxiety at all since I started taking his relaxing & calming tea and adrenal tea. And as for my sleep, its has improved so much, I am well rested now thanks to sleeping tonic and warm milk with nutmeg.

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Isha J Washington, DC, Aug. 2016

Three years of trying every sleep aid you could imagine with still no improvement and one week of trying Khabir's natural herbs and the results are just amazing. I am grateful for khabir, his very knowledgeable and caring. He listens to you and checks on your progress. If anyone out there is experiencing anxiety, insomnia, depression, panic attacks, from my experience I would advise you to . . . try a natural approach first and I recommend Khabir. He's herbs and treatments really WORKS!!

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Brice Pace, Ojai CA -2015

I was experiencing severe anxiety and could not sleep. Khabir's herbs, therapy and tea allowed me to sleep the first night. I am deeply grateful. Khabir is a master healer. Thank you Khabir.

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Ashley Pintek, Los Angeles

I just wanted to thank you for helping me rethink my dietary habits - I have been eating all the vata foods, cooking my vegetables, using more oil and spices. I have to say I feel and look so much better now, it's really quite amazing! I, and I'm sure countless other people, am truly grateful for the work you do.


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