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Natural Weight Loss & Fat Burning Herbal Medicine Treatments

Can't lose weight?

Just keep putting on weight?

Tired of dieting and crash diets?

Lose weight naturally without starving yourself or having to follow a difficult diet!

Clearly excessive subcutaneous body fat and visceral fat has been established as a major risk factor for diabetes, insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and some cancers in both men and women.*

After 20 years and thousands of patients,  I've designed an individualized weight-loss approach that effectively allows people to steadily lose weight in a healthy way without starvation, great difficulty, being overly stimulated or nutritionally deficient.  The focus of the  program  is based on the CAUSES for YOUR weight gain. There are many causes to weight gain including liver congestion, colon congestion, nutritional deficiencies,  emotional eating, weak digestion, hormonal imbalances such as menopause or low thyroid function, high stress, poor eating habits, poor food combining and more.  

A thorough assessment will be conducted to identify ALL the causes of weight gain and prioritized necessary treatments or steps in your individualized weight-loss program.

My many testimonials of patients who have lost weight continuously while on this program speaks for itself as for its effectiveness.  I strongly believe that only an individualized approach based on the actual causes for weight gain will be successful long-term.  "Packaged" programs and those that just address reducing the diet such as eliminating specific foods, detoxing, fasting or exercising are limited and possibly ineffective for many people.

". . .I have lost about 20kgs of extra weight, thanks to him of-course and also to the herbs that he gave to me." Kareem Mohamed, Dubai, UAE.

". . . I have lost twenty eight pounds." Jeff Hoffman, Oak View, CA.

"I've lost 7 pounds that have really stayed off . . . . Thank you!" Julie Christensen, Ojai, CA

The main components of the approach are:

An individualized diet

I provide individualized meal planning based on your specific body-type and digestive system that is simple and easy to follow.  Instead of radical food restrictions, I promote strong digestion and good absorption of nutrients so less food and "carbs" are needed.   In fact, my approach is not a "diet" but a way of eating to maintain a healthy body weight.  In Ayurveda it is what you eat is more important than how much you eat!

There is no "one-size-fits-all" diet!

Improving digestion

One of the leading causes of obesity is improper digestion of foods.  

Optimizing digestion is a crucial factor in any weight loss program.  In Ayurveda, digestion is enhanced with the right combination of carminative herbs and spices to stimulate digestive stomach acids, digestive enzymes and bile without having to take digestive enzymes.

Poor digestion causes weight gain particularly in the abdominal area.

Overcoming nutritional deficiencies

Adding whole-food supplements (not synthetic vitamins and minerals) and superfoods will provide a rich source of easily absorbable vitamins and minerals which will cut down on cravings and improve energy levels.  Unless one's diet is nutritionally adequate, one will continue to crave and reach for foods that are often unhealthy choices. 

Everyone has nutritional deficiencies to some degree.


I provide customized green vitamin/mineral formulas based on spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, beet root, spinach, kelp and herbs that can be taken daily to supply a wide range of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals while improving fat metabolism and energy levels.  Recommendations for other health enhancing superfoods like bee pollen are also be recommended as needed.

Herbal medicine remedies

Herbal teas are very effective to help curb the appetite, boost metabolism and stimulate fat metabolism.  

Specific herbs that stimulate low metabolism and improve circulation may also be provided.  Reducing herbs (those that scrap and reduce excess adipose tissue are combined with metabolism stimulating herbs and often sugar balancing herbs prepared as a tea to be taken between meals.

Colon cleansing

Maintaining regular bowel movements is extremely important in losing weight and keeping it off.  As a general rule, the bowels should move roughly once for each meal eaten during the previous day.  A herbal colon cleanses uses laxative and purgative herbs with fiber supplements that effective cleans the colon in a matter of days and results in more weight loss.

The importance of detoxification in weight-loss: Hidden toxins can be the cause of a weight loss plateau because your body wants to protect you from having lots of toxicity. So what does it do? It stores toxins in your fat cells to keep them out of the way. This works well right until you start to lose weight. As fat cells are burned, toxins get dumped back into the bloodstream. For someone with a high level of toxicity, this can lead to extreme levels of inflammation.  By lowering your toxic load through proper detoxification, you put yourself in a much better place for continual and safe weight loss.

So if you've spent lots of time going up and down on the scale without true results, maybe it's time to detox. This may help the body overcome some of the issues that have prevented success in the past. But it is important to remember, detox is just a first step.

Liver Detoxification

A herbal liver/gallbladder cleanse optimizes the functioning of the liver by unclogging congested bile and gallstones.  Most importantly, a liver cleanse will significantly improve the ability of the liver to  process triglycerides.  This is the important aspect missing in most weight loss programs because if the liver cannot metabolize triglycerides properly, free fatty acids gets stored in the body and liver instead of being used for metabolism. 

Poor liver function causes weight gain particularly around the waist.

Herbal approach: Generally, cholagogue herbs (those that stimulate liver function and emptying of the gallbladder) are combined with carminative herbs (those that improve digestion and increase absorption) and other supporting herb such as tonic herbs (those detox and remove congestion).  Some herbs need to be taken before meals to stimulate bile and digestion while others are taken after meals.

Boost metabolism!

After the age of 40, most people experience a slowing down due to poor thyroid function, toxicity, congestion, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, poor digestion, etc. however, the correct therapeutic diet with individually prepared herbal formulas have proven very effective at addressing each of these conditions.  

Herbal teas can quickly boost metabolic activity, improve circulation and stimulate mental and physical activity. 


Intermediate and short water and juice fasts are a very effective way to metabolize body adipose tissue when done at the right time.  To reduce hunger pains and support detoxification during a fast herbal teas will be provided.

A Herbal Medicine Weight-loss Treatment 

An individualized program with on-going support.

*This program can be provided privately in Ojai or remotely by phone/Skype with herbal remedies mailed to you.*

A proven protocol

Typical herbal medicine products provided:

Stholyantak Churna -- 200 gm

A Weight-loss Meal Replacement Superfood Formula - 12 oz

Weight-loss Tea - 3 oz Ayurveda Weight-loss formula - 8oz
A classical combination of special weight loss herbs.

Contains spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, beetroot, spinach powder, amla berry, turmeric, ginger, gymnema leaf, black pepper, kelp and cayenne.

To be taken 3 times a day between meals to reduce the appetite and increase the metabolism. 

With Garcinia cambogia. Take nightly at gradually larger amounts.

 My weight loss formulas use Garcinia cambogia which is considered a miracle cure for wight loss and has been scientifically proven to improve fat metabolism.  Just pick the right formula and tea for you and stock-up, as they can be used long-term. 

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Treatment requires a private consultations in Ojai, CA or by Skype plus herbal products.

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To get started or discus your health issues with Khabir please submit Online Health Assessment. 

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Success Stories

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Jeff Hoffman, Oak View, CA.

I have incorporated his diet plan into my life, and have lost twenty eight pounds. I feel more energetic and have a more positive outlook on life. Khabir is both knowledgeable and professional. Anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle and an alternative to western medicine can benefit from his advice.

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Steve Foster, Ventura CA

"Ghee and honey have helped my dry joints and dry lung cough 100%, along with allergy powder and diet change -- so good!  [I also] lost 20lbs, sleep [is better], and my memory is very good.  I humbly say to follow what Khabir prescribes 100% and may you get 100% relief, as well."  May 2017 

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Robert Salas, Ojai, CA

Khabir has a wealth of knowledge about the use of natural herbs and supplements to improve and support good physical health. He has helped me to lose weight and to understand how to prepare and use food in a healthy way. I highly recommend Khabir as an advisor and consultant for good health.

[/div]{/article} {article}[div class="ts-bx1"]

Kareem Mohamed, Dubai.

"I had an appointment with Khabir about 3 month ago and I have lost about 20kgs of extra weight, thanks to him of-course and also to the herbs that he gave to me. When I first started the program I didn't think it would be that helpful but I was wrong those herbs will let you know exactly how badly you were treating your self, it might be hard at first but once you get used to the new lifestyle you will not be able to go back."  

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River, Ojai, CA

I have been working with Khabir since April and I have had some amazing improvements to my health. I have less pain in my body, my knees are feeling better and I've lost 30 lbs. I have found that his knowledge and support have been just what I needed.

[/div]{/article} {article}[div class="ts-bx1"]

Bonnie Daugherty, Santa Maria, CA

Just wanted to say thank you Khabir! I've decreased my insulin from 38 units 2 times daily to 28 units 2 times daily! My bowel movements are regular . . . I haven't needed any allergy medication and have gotten off my Advil. The best news is...I no longer need a pill to sleep or a pill to stay awake!

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Julie Christensen, Ojai, CA

I got so much out of working with you on my weight loss. I don't always do it right, but when I do, I get results. I've lost 7 pounds that have really stayed off, and I have a much better relationship with food and food-based supplements and herbs. Thank you!

[/div]{/article} {article}[div class="ts-bx1"]

Nila S Goleta, CA.

I have been taking insulin daily for over 10 years. I started working with Khabir primarily to stabilize my blood glucose levels. After following his protocol for a few weeks, I had greatly reduced my need for the daily long acting insulin in much lower quantities. The day time rapid insulin has reduced to almost just a couple of time a week. Also to my surprise my weight has come down and my energy has improved. I notice a huge change in how I feel and my friends and family too have noticed and clearly see that I look more healthy and less tired. . . . Subsequently, I have reduced much of the medication I was taking before. I have recommended others to see him and have no hesitation to recommend him without any hesitation, especially those who are diabetic. His Ayurvedic herbs has benefited me immensely and has helped me so much.


Khabir Southwick is available for [face-to-face] consultations in Ojai California or remotely by phone or Skype worldwide.

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