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Natural Health Care Therapies and Treatments

A herbal home-remedy with dietary guidelines

Treatment details can be provided by appointment in Ojai or Santa Barbara, or by phone/Skype with herbal products mailed.

These therapies and treatments are generally provided in one or two sessions, however, they often require additional efforts to address underlining causes and imbalances such as digestion, toxicity, congestion, dryness, heat  & inflammation, etc.

Acid Reflux

Includes Pitta pacifying dietary recommendations, an after-meal herbal formula to reduce acidity and a alkaline intestinal calming herbal tea to be taken between meals. Requires only one session and sometimes a follow session; (high success rate).


Includes specific supplementation helpful with acne treatment and dietary recommendations (generally to reduce pitta) with individualized natural skin care guidelines and treatments;  (all cases will improve).

Allergies & Asthma

Includes specific supplement recommendations helpful with respiratory conditions and a week immune system, dietary guidelines usually Kapha reducing and an allergy tea based on Nettle leaves taken between meals.  Additionally, if needed instructions for nasal cleaning will be provided and recommendations for air filtration and the use of salt will be explained.   (50% success rate as other factors are involved such as quality of air,  environmental conditions, toxicity level of the liver and the immune system in general).

Common Cold, Flu or Infection

Includes supplement recommendations to support the immune system, home remedies and custom herbal products to fight infection and improve immune function, (almost always successful).



Includes dietary guidelines usually Vata pacifying, supplement recommendations that support health bowl moments, safe home remedies that can be done daily and laxative herbal powders (most cases are successful but chronic cases require colon cleansing).

Degenerative Bones

Includes individualized dietary guidelines usually Vata reducing and Kapha increasing, wholefood supplement recommendations particularly mineral and a natural source of D and a an Ayuvedic herbcal formula that strengthens and increases bone tissue (ashi) . (Works well but takes months).

Poor Sleep

Includes eating habit guidelines, necessary supplement recommendations, a herbal "knock-out" formula and a sleep tea.  (Most cases successful but can be due to other factors such a sleeping conditions and the environment such as including EMF).

Low Libido (male)

Includes supplement recommendations, a male libido boosting tea and bee pollen with Ginseng powder provided. (100% success rate!)

Memory and Focus Problems

Includes some dietary guidelines, specific supplement recommendations to support healthy brain functions particularly fat based nutrients and herbal tea that can be taken between meals to improve circulation and cognitive function.  Ayurveda, has many effective herbs to calm the mind, improve memory and reduce stress but they need to be formulated individually to support the the nerve tissue (Mejja) and dosha imbalance.  (This is always an improvement in memory, however, more degenerative conditions require detoxification as well).

Menopause Symptoms

Includes a nutritional deficiency assessment and specific supplement recommendations, a custom Ayurveda herbal formula based on Ashwaganda &
shatavari and a menopause/hot-flash reducing tea taken as needed. (Improvement in all cases, however, recommendations and treatment vary greatly with each individual).

Mild Depression

Includes a nutritional deficiency assessment and specific supplement recommendations and an herbal tea with St. John's Wort provided.  Ayurveda has many effective herbs and well known herbal formula to improve mood and mental state.  (Some improvement with all cases, however, lifestyle habits, stress levels and toxicity remain major factors).

PMS Relief

Includes a nutritional deficiency assessment and specific supplement recommendations, simple home remedies and a PMS tea with chaste berry, dong quai, black cohosh root and other herbs two be taken for 7 days prior to menstruation.  Some blood building supplements and herbs should then be taken during and just after menstruation to avoid depletion and anemia. (90% success rate of greatly reduced symptoms especially cramping).

Prostate Inflammation (male)

Includes some dietary guidelines usually Pitta pacifying, specific supplement recommendations to help reduce inflammation, and a prostate support tea to be taken for 30 days. (60% success rate; depends on severity).

Stress & Anxiety

Includes eating habit guidelines and some dietary guidelines generally Vata pacifying, specific supplement recommendations to support the nervous system, a relaxing tea for the day and an individualized Ayurveda anxiety herbal formula to be taken as needed. (Improvement in call cases; lifestyle and stress levels are major factors).

Unstable Blood Sugar

Includes detailed dietary guidelines that are often Kapha pacifying, a custom green herbal powder tow be taken after each meal with Gymenema and other herbs known to stabilize blood sugar. (The right diet and eating habits are critical; however, the herbs help tremendously).

Yeast Infection/ Candida

Includes specific dietary guidelines that are generally focused on reducing Kapha, simple home remedies and an effective anti-fungal herbal tea two be taken between meals.  (Diet and eating habits have to change and the anti-fungal herbs are necessary for success).

Therapy requires one private consultations (in Ojai, CA or by Skype) plus herbal products.

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